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Address: No. 1-9, North stainless steel market, Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

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Enterprise culture  

Business principle: integrity, professionalism, development and dedication

Business philosophy: word of mouth, sustainable management

Objective: product quality is life, integrity is the foundation of business

Mission of Huipai: offering high-quality products

Service policy: integrity and efficiency

Service principle: warm and thoughtful, timely and win-win

Working principle: finish what you do today

Talent view: both morality and talent, reuse morality and talent, cultivate talents without morality, prohibit talents without morality, and do not use talents without morality

Values: excellent quality wins customers' appreciation

Outlook on life: self perfection and excellence

Legal view: abide by national laws and carry forward the spirit of legal system

Hui people's Morality: diligence, seriousness, integrity, fraternity and initiative

Team spirit: sincere cooperation, friendship and mutual assistance

Principle: honest, pragmatic and down-to-earth

Handling principle: trust, trust and credit

To the superior: reasonable suggestions, frank communication, active cooperation, respect and obedience

To subordinates: care, help, cultivate, motivate, fully authorize and drive improvement

To customers: caring, patient, caring, warm, meticulous and considerate