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What do you know about stainless steel elevator plates?

Views: 574Release time: August 18, 2020

Stainless steel elevatorAfter a series of complex process treatment, the etching plate can realize the effect of alternating light and dark patterns and gorgeous colors. Steel master stainless steel elevator etched plate pattern has various styles, which can be customized according to drawings and samples.

Application scope of stainless steel elevator etching plate: star hotels, large shopping malls, rich clubs, colorful bars, luxury KTV, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, air conditioning, clothing display cabinets, interior decoration and other luxury decoration.

With the development of stainless steel elevator etching technology and stainless steel coloring technology, the surface of stainless steel becomes more and more vivid; From flowers, birds, Cordyceps to figures and statues, the stainless steel elevator etching plate of steel master can be realized through stainless steel etching technology from geometric patterns to Article strokes. Its principle:

The pattern is formed by etching the surface of stainless steel to form bright and dark concave convex lines;

The coloring technology of stainless steel is to attach the particle beam of titanium raw material directly to the surface of stainless steel through vacuum electroplating furnace to form oxide layer;

This not only protects the surface of the stainless steel elevator etching plate, but also has better corrosion resistance and will not fade after rain and wind frost;

In addition, by controlling the thickness of titanium layer, different etching colors of stainless steel elevator can appear. Common colors include black titanium, rose gold, titanium gold, bronze, coffee, sapphire blue, emerald green, pink, etc. there are many kinds of colors, which greatly enriches people's demand for color;

Because of the emergence of these two technologies, stainless steel elevator etching plate will shine in all kinds of decoration.  

Stainless steel elevator etching plate uses 304 #, 201 # and other stainless steel plates as the base material, and carries out multiple processes such as mirror, wire drawing and etching on its surface, and then uses shear bending equipment to make it more practical. Stainless steel elevator etching plate generally takes etching as the process, that is, corrodes various patterns on the surface of objects through chemical methods.

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