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What are the reasons why stainless steel fingerprint resistant plate is easy to clean?

Number of Views: 705Release time: August 18, 2020

In fact, as long as the principle of stainless steel anti fingerprint is clarified, we won't ask why:

First of all, the anti fingerprint effect does not mean that the fingerprint cannot be printed on the stainless steel surface, but that the trace after the fingerprint is printed is shallower than the ordinary stainless steel surface, and it is relatively easy to wipe clean, and there will be no residual stains after wiping.

Anti fingerprint principle and surface tension the realization of anti fingerprint is to coat the surface with hydrophobic material film, so that it has the characteristics that it is difficult for stains to adhere like lotus leaves, and the adherents will not be able to stand and spread on its surface, so as to achieve the anti fingerprint effect.

As mentioned above, the inability of the adhesive to stand and spread on the surface is an important factor to achieve anti fingerprint.

In order to make the adhesive difficult to stand and spread on the surface, it involves the problem of reducing the surface tension of the contact surface.

Surface tension is a manifestation of molecular force. It is generated between the contact edges of liquid and gas when they are in contact. It is determined by the special situation of liquid molecules in the surface layer.

Due to the effect of surface tension, the liquid surface always tends to shrink as much as possible (the pressure around the liquid is the same and tends to the same point), so small droplets in the air tend to be in the shape of a ball.

In short, the function of surface tension is to make the liquid surface have the tendency of shrinkage. It is related to the properties of the liquid and has nothing to do with the size of the liquid surface.

Surface tension can also be regarded as surface free energy and can be approximately regarded as the active state of the surface.

The greater the surface tension, that is, the greater the surface energy, it can also be considered that the more active the surface is, the easier it is to adhere to other objects.

Generally, the surfaces of organic compounds and polymers are low-energy surfaces, which are difficult to adhere, and inorganic salts such as oxides are high-energy surfaces, which are easy to adhere.

To achieve anti fingerprint is to reduce the surface tension of the surface by plating a layer of film, so that fingerprints and sweat are difficult to adhere to the surface.

Before coating, the stainless steel surface shall be treated, such as removing oil, using weak alkaline cleaning agent or solvent to remove oil, water and other stains on the substrate surface. It is best to phosphatize to enhance the adhesion. After painting, it can be cured at an appropriate temperature (the fingerprint resistant paint of different manufacturers may be different). Another method is sanding process, whose essence is to reduce the fingerprint contact area.

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